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Happy National Twins Day - PINTO and BEAN

Happy National Twins Day Pinto and Bean.

Pinto and Bean you made Daddy and I parents. From the day we found out we were expecting, we were parents. The day the doctors office called to confirm, they told me they were pretty sure it was twins because my numbers were so high. Shortly after the phone call, we were in the doctors office getting an ultrasound and it was confirmed....TWINS. From that moment, you were PINTO and BEAN.

Our first photo. So who is who...Pinto became Becca and Bean became Ian, Twin A and Twin B. We were overjoyed yet at the same time petrified, how were we going to go from 2 to 4 in a matter of seconds or minutes or however long it would take when delivery day came. Some how we did it, even when you tag teamed...with almost everything. We never imagined there would be a time when one of you would not physically be here, that one of you would pass away young, too young - unfair. But this is our story of PINTO and BEAN. We have all the memories which will forever b…