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Why This Photo Series of Babies With Disabilities Has the Power to Be Revolutionary

Baby photographer, Angela Forker, from New Haven, Indiana, is known for elaborate floor scenes she calls "Baby ImaginArt." She creates backdrops using fabric and other ordinary items and places the baby in the scene giving the appearance of the baby flying, jumping, running, etc. In February, she decided her Baby ImaginArt would be perfect for babies with disabilities and other health conditions -- and she would do it for free.

Last December, Forker's friends had a baby girl, Madalyn, who was born with a terminal condition and lived for 15 days. "After a time of reflection and prayer at the beginning of this year, I asked God how He might use my photography to make a difference," Forker said. "I came to realize that my Baby ImaginArt scenes would be perfect for babies with medical conditions that prevented them from being able to sit up for a photo."

The Precious Baby Project began soon after, in memory of Madelyn, with the motto "because every b…