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"An Evening of Appreciation"

Tonight I was honored to attend the Friendship Circles "An Evening of Appreciation". Not only did I attend, I made a speech...

When I was a little girl, I had dreams, just like everyone has dreams... most of mine were the same as every other little girl. In my dreams, I am a grown woman…I have grown up, have wonderful family, fell in love and married my best friend. Eventually, the house, which became a home the moment we crossed through the door. Then came the kids, the house became more of a home…and the dream of those kids and all the things we would do with them. The kids would grow up, and have their own dreams, their own home, their own kids…well, all of that has come true…at least those that could so far...maybe not exactly like my dreams were as a little girl.

A dream. As it has been said “Man plans, G-d laughs.”

Now my reality, I am a grown woman…I went to college, during college met my best friend, Brian, graduated and got my bachelor’s degree in public health admini…