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Higher Power and Kintsugi

The house is quiet. Everyone is still asleep; even the dog has gone back to bed after doing her thing. Me, I've been up for over an hour, since 7:00 AM. I don't "sleep in" anymore. It has been quite sometime since I've "slept in". 
For year's, at least 4 or 5, we have brunch with our friend, Freda-Dale. Last night she mentioned she would get up around 10:00 AM, since we were due to arrive at 11:00 AM. Me I said, would be up by 7:00 AM. I continued to tell her that I just can't seem to sleep in any more, I'm usually up by 7:00 AM. And today was no different. Now, sitting here, in the stillness of our home, I realize 7:00 AM; I'm almost always up by 7:00 AM. Time of death 7:00 AM. Does it mean anything? Do I just happened to wake at 7:00 AM? Honestly, I have no idea. And until now I never really thought about the time meaning anything. Maybe it's a sign. Maybe it's Ian's way of saying good morning to me each and every day. Or ma…