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Grievers Helping Grievers: A Few Considerations

I believe in the power of grievers helping grievers; this probably goes without saying, being that I am the co-founder of this here grief blog. Yes, I rely on my education in counseling psychology pretty heavily, but I find my personal experiences with grief to be almost as helpful.

I am not unique, in fact, many professionals grief counselors have 'griever' on their resume. It is also not uncommon for non-mental health professionals to find themselves in positions where they are called to support others in their grief.

A few situations where you might find yourself supporting other grievers include: helping friends and family who are grieving, in-person support groups or workshops, online blogs and support groups, and volunteer scenarios.

Too often people throw themselves into helping others and they forget to take care of themselves, their own needs, and the needs of those close to them (i.e. their family). Here are some important co…