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34 Years to 33 Years to 2 Years

April 27th, November 30th and May 8th are special days...April 27th was a few weeks ago, November 30th is months away and May 8th is in 2 days. Thirty-four years ago on Friday, April 27, 1984, I became a Bat Mitzvah. Thirty-three years ago on November 30, 1985, Brian became Bar Mitzvah. Two years ago on May 8, 2016, Becca and Ian became a Bat and Bar Mitzvah. I vividly remember two of those days. 

Friday, April 27, 1984 was a sunny day. I remember laying out in the sun in our backyard on Bryony Road, I think it was in the upper 70's. Arriving at Beth Israel Synagogue, nervous and anxious. Back then, girls had their Bat Mitzvah's on Friday nights and boys had their Bar Mitzvah's on Saturday mornings, so you shared the weekend with another family. The Bat Mitzvah girl needed to be at services on Saturday morning as well as the Bar Mitzvah boy needed to be there Friday night. I remember being on the bimah reciting my hoftorah, in disbelief that I was the one up there. When I c…