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When Tape and Glue Aren't Enough

When tape and glue aren't enough to fix the broken's ok...eventually.
How appropriate for me to see this Instagram yesterday. To top it off, it was posted by a fabulous grief therapist. Tonight at sunset, into Thursday, August 23rd, the 12 of Elul at sunset,  is Ian's 2nd Yahrzeit. The Yahrzerit commemorates the anniversary of the date of death and is observed annually, in accordance with the Hebrew calendar. The Yahrzerit commences on the preceding day at sunset and is concluded on the anniversary day of death at sunset. During the Yahrzerit, a candle may be lit to burn for one day. Mourner's Kaddish is recited in the synagogue during services, and contributions to a charity in memory of a loved one are often made on the occasion of a Yahrzerit
Tape, glue, well, actually, any kind of adhesive will fix the broken parts. There have been many times over the last two years, heck for that matter, over the last fifteen years, when I have had to take a …