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Doctor Asks Terminally Ill Children What Truly Matters in Life...Their Answers Are Incredibly Wise

The Guardian
"I asked some of my terminally pediatric patients what they had enjoyed in life and what gave it meaning...Kids can be so wise."
Children can often be unbelievably wise beyond their years.
Dr. Alastair McAlpine has seen negativity in the world wherever he turned. That's how he decided to tweet some of the wisdom he has learned from his terminally ill patients. These children were all between four and nine years old, but they were still able to pinpoint precisely what it is that makes life worth living for them. Their answers will surprise you.
Dr. McAlpine is a palliative care physician in Cape Town, S. Africa, who eases the pain of kids who are dying. The medicine he practices isn't intended to cure their ailments, but to make them more comfortable and joyful.
Twitter His thread about this informal survey of what truly matters (and what doesn't matter at all) in life went viral, and with good reason. These children's replies are heartbreaking but equa…