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Woman Shares The “Ball In The Box” Analogy Her Doctor Taught Her To Help Deal With Grief

I saw this analogy on Facebook months ago, actually I started this post months ago. For some reason I tend to start a post and sometimes finish it and just don't post right away or don't even finish then. I was in the middle of checking this post when I got a text message from one of my cousins, informing me that a local teen (19 or 20 year old) was killed in a car accident last night. So -- maybe that is the reason I waited to post this one now -- maybe not. Regardless of the reason -- it seems even more appropriate and important to share this one now. This analogy is right on target with grief.

Grief sucks. Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences you'll have to endure in your life, there is simply no avoiding the heartache and intense feelings of emptiness. However, by learning to understand grief, you can eventually help yourself come to terms with it and allow your life to move on. To help people make a little sense of their feeling…