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7 Things Every Child Needs to Hear

Children aren't things; they are little people. They are sensitive, innocent, scared, elated, curious, and for them everything in life is brand new for a long time. When everything is new, fear can be high and self-esteem low. It is important to remember all this. They are not your life to support your emotional needs and nor are they little robots you control and boss around into good behavior. They are people. They need certain essentials to learn resilence, to love themselves, to care for others, to value failure and to subsequently learn to turn failure into triumph. They need positive self-esteem. Their self-esteem, first and foremost, is directly under your care as their parent. 

"I love you." - You can give a child too many things, but you can never give a child too much love. When you tell your children you love them and tell them often, it lets them know they are valuable. It gives them a fan in their audience. Loving them gives them courage, time to grow; it all…