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Isaac's Finishing Up Hanukkah

What you mean I have to stay home? What if I want to go to school and have lunch with all the kids? You mean she won't carry me around all day? How rude!
Isaac decided he wanted to light the candles with for the last night before heading back into his box for the year.

Isaac - Snacks and Beer!?!

What you mean the dogs food isn't for me? But she really likes it so I thought I should try it. Beer, Beer and more Beer. You mean I can't have any and drink it this way!


We all got to play dreidel. Who had the most fun, I think it was the one all the way at the bottom...Isaac!

Isaac's Back - Round 1/2

Well Isaac is back....Happy Hanukkah. He decided to wait until the 2nd night to make his 1st appearance. The kickboxing gloves looked like a lot of fun. Hope he enjoyed them. Can't wait to see what kind of trouble he gets into tonight.