Look How Mad

And all because I was out of mashed potatoes that he wanted for breakfast. I am the worst mother ever...I even asked him and he shook his head yes...its a good thing he is cute. 


  1. Karen Unger Frazier He is cute! With all my crazy stockpiling we are out of them too..or I would run them over! Lol xoxo

    Marci Weinberg Scher Thanks Karen Frazier...how could you not stock pile anything to make mashed potatoes.

    Karen Unger Frazier Lol. .I don't know. .but I'm going to start. .lol

    Gina Cohen There is NO way Brian can deny that Ian is his son.

    Tamara Jayne Flax too funny. All kids have their shtick.

    Cheryl Levine Snyderman Really? You mean you couldn't even bribe him with candy from Trick or Treating?

    Marci Weinberg Scher Cheryl Snyderman nope no candy.

    Cheryl Levine Snyderman :-( ...tell Ian I'm on his side.

    Michelle Kampler Schwartz Should I bring you some potatoes???

    Marci Weinberg Scher Lol Michelle Schwartz, I did get him some. But if you would like

    Sheri Knauth The food service in this restaurant are not to his liking.


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